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To The Vet...

Whew, after all my collywobbles, the capture was easy this time. The safety pin solution worked well on the gaps in  wheelie/carrier, but the wheel still keeps falling off. (The thing cost a bundle-) Amazy screamed all the way, on the bus, and the rush hour commuters gave me the 'stinkeye' . (Thanks to charlottecooper    for this fine addition to my vocabulary-) 
  I wondered if I should have had her microchipped, while she was under, like it strongly suggested on the release form, but it's bloody £32, and
she's an indoor cat, anyway...Touch wood, I can collect her late this afternoon.
Must say I'm getting rather bored with all the Pope Ratzo media bombardment...When the old Pope was here, 30-odd years ago, I got 'sexually assaulted' by one of the workers near Waterloo who were removing the crowd barriers, afterwards. Miraculously, as I shoved him, the perpetrator  lost his footing, and fell down in front of his buddies. Arf.


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