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Sex & Weirdo 'Celebs'...

Provided most of Our Viewing Pleasure last night. That clip of Michael Jackson dangling the baby was most thought-provoking. I also saw a bit of that ENTERTAINERS thing, again. What is it that compels washed-up 'performers' like Messers Manning and Biggins to flaunt themselves corporeally in their Big Pants and less? I'm sure I'm at least as frightening as Mr Biggins, in my knickers, but I would never,ever feel an urge to open the door to visitors who have come laden with TV cameras, like it. Seems plain aggressive... CB's boyfriend seemed more than a bit downtrodden,too. (...a 3-D version of "Millhouse" from THE SIMPSONS....) I suspect CB of being A Horrible Person, I do.
Also surfed through SEX TIPS FOR GIRLS territory. Ewwwww...Why are those prosthetic vaginas so scary-looking, whereas dildos/willy-like vibrators are not? Is this just my personal neurosis, or something? They really give me the heebie-jeebies, anyhow.
Had a very long, involved dream about Tom Baker running a huge stationery supplies emporium, secretly in the bowels of a provincial theatre. It was very exciting. (Lovely thick hardcover notebooks, all kinds of PENS. Mmmmm...) Mr Baker was in his 40's, and very efficient, too. Chortle...

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