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My current spate of extra-vivid and weirdass dreams continues. I seem to be sharing this with  cleanskies  and several others.
I was at my sister's place ...I'm a  bit worried about her at present... and met this young woman, with her head cut into quarters. It was gruesome enough, very raw-meaty , but she seemed to be coping well. The sections lolled about a bit on her neck when she moved, though, which freaked me out.
Then I was back in bed and 'woke up' to hear a radio news item about the death of playwright Peter Shaffer. When I 'really' came round, and went online, I thought it was very odd that there was no mention of this on the news items or grauniad site.
It seems a bit fresher,anyway. Guess I should go to St Thomas' and get those fecking needless blood tests. I'm still snuffling dripping and sneezing with nosebleed-inducing violence, of course. Happyhappy joyjoy...

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