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Thought I'd collapse, schlepping to the surgery. It was bloody humid, of course, but at least it was overcast. The locum thinks the recurrent flu-like  lurghi is probabl due to my allergies. I said it had been three years between Wotan dying and Amazy invading,but I'd had these illnesses all along... and she maintained that the cat cooties would still be in the house, yes, even though it's been decorated, etc. I really shouldn't have cats, and the injections are steroids, which would make me gain weight. She's given me new antihistamines and inhalers to try, and prescribed a 'different painkiller'... It's only feckin' co-codamol, which I've tried before, and it doesn't. bloody. work! *Sigh* She's also sent me off to have blood tests at the hospital, even though I've had the same tests several times this year. They can never believe a chubster isn't diabetic, just like they never would accept I didn't have high blood pressure, until I finally got it a few years ago. She also reckons I have sleep apnoea, despite my just having been tested for that... *$%#!  waste o' time.
Phil Mitchell, at least, is still hilariously off his head on crack, shambling around foaming at the mouth in a wooly hat. Splendid. Thank you, EASTENDERS.


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