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So sick of everything hurting. I had to take high dose ibroprofen, which the chemist says asthmatics shouldn't. It's the only thing that helps... only today it didn't work at all. I dropped a book down the side of the bed, and I can't bloody get it, 'cos I'm too sore and weak. Sneezing again, too.
I'd quite like to check out the cartoon exhibit at the Pump House, but know I couldn't do those stairs. I may crawl along to see what's on the ground floor if I ever feel any better. I've been reading a lot about it on FB and blogs.

Saw 2012, which wasn't that bad actually; lots of goodish CGI, and lively eschatonic antics. It was marred by being overlong, and full of the inevitable ' I love you, Dad'...'I love you, too, son' crap, though. Why do they always do that?



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