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Went to a different launderette than usual today. (How's that for excitement?) The one near Queenstown Road is inconvenient at the moment 'cos the road's still all dug up, and bus stops are closed. Grump.
Feel a little better, fingers crossed; the cough's not quite so violent.
In trash media-land, I must say that EASTENDERS is totally on a roll. Phil Mitchell is completely off the wagon doolally, what with one kid being battered in Borstal and the other carried off by her mum. He's not only drunk and violent, but is now getting strung out on crack, with Tanya's bad sister. Yeeha!
BIG BROTHER  continues to provide scary lessons about the current aesthetic tastes of the young folk. This girl Corin, who is skeletal except for her melon-shaped giant implants (The faker they look the better, is the current style...) 'tanned' a lurid orange, draws on her eyebrows every day, and went to bed in full makeup and  hairpiece when she thought she might get lucky with JJ, is considered 'well fit' by everyone, whereas the natural beauty Josie worries constantly about having pulled above her weight in her house romance, John James. I thought, ahhh, poor girl, she's got no self-esteem  BUT it seems to be the general consensus amongst the other HMs and the audience, that once John James is back in the 'real world' he'll be dragged off by legions of lustcrazed bacchantes and 'fat, plain' Josie will be forgotten. 'It's only realistic.' I mean Josie is an idiot, and everything, but  they all are, and the girl is lovely-looking. Wotta world...

    Hot, fit Corin      (!!!)          
Porky, dowdy Josie ( ?)


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