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Can't Belieeeeve It!...

I was expecting to go to the hospital Friday, and had fingers crossed that I'd be given a date for the bypass op at last...This morning i got a letter saying my appointment had been moved ('due to unforseen circumstances') to bloody October! Last summer, they told me I'd probably be dealt with in 'about four months...' I do thank the gods for the NHS, especially when i hear what my sister and her husband have to go through, unable to afford treatments they need, etc, in the USA, but it sure ain't perfect.
Yesterday, I spent a lot of time in bed, shivering and oozing. Today, I've moved on to coughing, and my nose is still blocked, and sore as hell. Bah.
I watched SHUTTER ISLAND, which was quite good, even though the 'twist' ending was pretty obvious, almost from the start.
Speaking of spooky atmosphere, I've started reading Tariq Goddard's THE PICTURE OF CONTENTED NEW WEALTH, which, so far, is very weird and creepy indeed.
The Clos-O-Mat man came and inspected my toilet, which got his seal of appoval, and that has been my day, apart from crawling to the shops for a 'Double Rollover' lotto ticket, which I felt I really had to do, in my lunacy.


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