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I'm Distoibed...

I am just so messed up; can't settle to anything except mindless TV-gawking and dozing. So much bloody pain, too. I wish i weren't such a weakling. I was lucky in my youth, I never really experienced pain, except for the odd dental assault, and the time I broke my finger, and I don't know how to handle it.
As for the depression, I've always had that, but I always used to fantasise, that one day things would get better, and I'd be accomplished and financially OK. Now, I haven't really got a 'future' as such, even to invent fairytales about. Glub.
One of my sister's cats, the youngest, has vanished, presumed dead. They're devastated. Their medical insurance company suddenly went bankrupt, and all, leaving them uncovered, out of pocket, and unable to afford the high premiums of the other companies they've checked so far.
Good ol' USA, and they think 'socialism' is worse!
Cherry on top: I read the obit today of one of the principal singers I 'knew'. He was only 69, but had been suffering from ALZHEIMER'S for about ten years! Boy, that's early onset, poor guy. I often wonder if I've got it yet.
Ewwww, I'm boring myself! Oy vey!


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