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Nice Deluge...

Shame it only lasted about ten minutes, and the stultifying humidity still hasn't dispersed. It's quite breezy,now, though.

It's scary how un-observant I am. Today on Lavender Hill, I noticed a very old-fashioned Gents' barber shop, complete with striped pole, which has obviously been there forever. I never consciously saw it before!
I also noticed that the Quick Tan place at Clapham Junction is right next to the Orange Shop. Never noticed that before, either.

Had a dream that a friend (don't recall who, but he/she wore a pith helmet...)  insisted that I come down into this pyramid. I was afraid I'd fall over, or be unable to go the distance, but realised i was able to walk properly again (a frequent wish-fulfillment scenario-). When we got to the chamber, i noticed a giant sandstone relief depicting what appeared to be an outline of Mickey Mouse, only his face had worn away, and his ears and feet were much smaller than the 'real' Mickey's. I expressed curiosity, and my companion said that Mickey had been one of the major gods of ancient Egypt, until it was discovered that he was gay, and he became much less popular, sort of reduced to a cult. The person buried in this tomb was most likely gay.


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