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Past A Joke...

OK, Heat Wave, you can stop it right now. Even my magic green metal blinds aren't working any more.
I haven't even got it together to do some scrawl for CAPTION yet. I really am quite glad I got m hair buzzed off, and so very, very grateful I don't have to venture onto tube or even bus today. Heartfelt sympathy to those who do. Don't forget that water bottle.
Over in Albert Square, Lucas, EASTENDERS' current homicidal maniac, seems to have despatched his long-suffering wife Denise in exactly the same style as he did her ex Owen, in...In broad daylight , strangling the flailing, banging -on the -car windows victim with supernatural speed. Of course, this being EASTENDERS, i wouldn't write Denise off just yet.

There's a killer on the road. His brain is squirmin' like a toad...

I can't help being fascinated by the Raoul Moat (wonderful name-) saga. Of course, he has actually killed someone, and badly injured two others, so I feel a bit guilty for revelling in it, but if it weren't real, the poor rustic coppers' consternation as the curiously coiffed wild man runs amok would be quite entertaining.

I only saw part of BIG BROTHER last night, but they had this really cool robot in the House with more character than any of the housemates. Tonight should see the ghastly Nathan evicted, thanks to a neat bit of strategy by Caoife.


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