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I Seem To Have Dreamed A Haiku...

...of sorts...
It went:
Too wounded inside,
Never return to film school.
Just go home and hide.

Pitifully lame, but I don't think I ever dreamt a 'pome' before. There was a whole story going on about this film school, and hanging out with Lily Savage, who was always making fun of me, but I was compelled to keep trying to curry favour, however humiliated I was. Yetch.
God knows when the next OZ is, and I'm desperate to know what's become of Cloutier. It's really bugging me. Did I doze off and miss the revelation or something? THE SOPRANOS is hotting up nicely, though. I rather fancy Furio, myself, but I don't suppose Carm will ever actually do anything.I have to admit, I think doing the sex with Tony would rather fun, too. ("Avid Merrion" voice: "He ees varm ...")
My mother has taken to sending me photos from her Parish Bulletin of various priests! She seems to have a fixation on this 'Father Bruno from Belgium'. Maybe my own obsessive, weird fantasy life is like, inherited...but even if it is,is it something actually genetic, or just from having these odd attitudes and hobby-horses literally beaten into me from infancy?
My sister's Lama has died, and now she has to do some kind of arcane rituals...

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