Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Priest Song...

Actually, this is too good not to share. It was drummed into our lil' heads back at my paroachial school, to a jolly jingle...

Why do we tip our hats to a priest,
And why do we call him Father?
He's like Christ, and how do I know? Holy Orders made it so.

Father baptised us when we were small.
He'll bless and assist at marriage,
Comfort and guide us, bury us too.
You'll know God is close to you.

In life's great moments, Father will be there
To comfort us and guide us,
And lead us in our prayer. So:

Always show respect for a priest.
We surely can call him Father.
He's like Christ, and how do i know?
Holy Orders made it soooo!


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