Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Summertime Stewin'...

Arrrrgh, the heavy, humid air, the horrible heat...Fortunately the sun is not quite full blast, but it looks like the weekend's gonna be a total bitch. I've already been unfit for anything, most of the week. Groan.
I keep dreaming about old-fashioned NYC brownstone tenements. (Those that survive are all gentrified nowadays.
Amazy's aim was off, and she crapped over the side of the tray..*&^%!!!)
I am angry and frightened by the budget. The government's real  attitude towards the poor is blatantly obvious... that nasty remark about . 'good' hardworking types being rightfully outraged when they notice a neighbour doesn't open their curtains at the 'proper' time!  Of course, the offenders  could be self-employed/ on holiday/on a night shift/sick/dead,or just lucky enough to have a private income...Put me in mind of  Peter Lilley's bloodcurdling G&S variation, 'they never would be missed' speech. back in the Thatcher days. Here we go again...


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