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A bad day. The Geek Squad can't sort out the scanner. They said to get in touch with HP, which i suppose means boxing it up and returning it. I think it's still under guarantee, but gods know where the papers are. Also , performing such a 'complacated' procedure seems beyond me nowadays.
I do need a 'wife'/carer...
I have a really stiff, sore forefinger; my greatest fear (one of them-) is of my hands going crippled too...  :(
I watched the Mike Leigh film HAPPY GO LUCKY (spoilers ahoy...) and nearly puked. I think 'Poppy' may be the single most irritating character I have ever seen onscreen. She was obviously supposed to be enchanting, but her whole persona was nauseating. She did seem to be good at her job as a primary school teacher, and compassionate towards her charges, but that was about her only saving grace.
She seemed weirdly suicidal in carrying on taking driving lessons with an obviously messed up and volatile man, even after she realised he was stalking her .( I kept hoping in vain that he would murder her.)
Most bizarrely, she also went out of her way, while walking home at night,onto waste ground, to chat up a gibbering, rather scary tramp!
All this was hailed as heart-warming,uplifting, life-affirming, yaffle yaffle...Just not my kinda thing.
This week, I also watched Fritz Lang's SPIONE, which was much more fun. Love it when they do that claw-hand riff, in moments of villainy, anguish, or anguished villainy.

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