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Oh, Groan...

I can't belieeeeve it, but the scanner's gone down AGAIN!  Mother of God...
Anyway, here are some doodles from my brief period of having it functional ....featuring Amazy, of course, this time discovering the hoover...

Didn't do much,(for a change!) schlepped out to Clapham Junction, then watched a fair to middling urban horror film, THE DISAPPEARED, which rips off/pays homage to just about ever spooky flick you can think of, but actually is quite passable, with very good acting from the mostly young cast.

ETA: Just saw this item threatening a full-scale vuvuzela invasion. Shit, man, they were selling like hot cakes in LIDL weeks ago.
I'm anticipating some particularly plangent elephant's graveyard eructations tonight. Better slip the cat some Rescue Remedy...|uk|dl1|link6|

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