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God, LJ has gone so dead. I hope this isn't permanent. I mean, I have been told that some  people have- lives, but this is just weird.
Today I went to Tooting and had a cursory look at some cheap beds. That is all, really.
While I was there, i went into a large Indian grocery and they had MARIE biscuits! You hardly ever see them these days, so I bought a big box for dunking purposes. Result.
Saw a peculiar little mystery film, THE WEIGHT OF WATER, which was nothing special, but mildly diverting, and boy do I need diverting.
I also need my feckin'  scanner to work. Wah!
I still have that  'Mmm,  prawn balls'  feeling. One day this week, it's gonna happen, I think. Bad me.

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