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This heavy humidity is messing me up. Had to cancel Amazy's vet appointment because I was just too crippled to catch her, and R Next Door  wasn't available to assist. I also would have had a problem getting to and fro with the carrier. I'm going to invest in one of those pushachair-like ones, which should make the process a bit easier.
I feel really crap, and my DVD rental was A SINGLE MAN, which wasn't the cheeriest. Colin Firth was very good, though.
I'm watching the last BIG BROTHER, of course. The housemates are pretty grim, so far, especially the women, who are nearly all WAG-types. The House itself is incredibly, migraine-inducingl gross, though. I should think it will induce pschosis pretty  rapidly.
Wish I could bloody scan, at least.

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