Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Kill Me Now... what I thought when I woke up to more wet-duvet humidity this morning, even after last night's monsoon downpours. Still, it's been slowly improving all day, and is now a bit breezy, too. Oh joy!
I made a SIMPSONS avatar of myself, but it's not much like me at all, wheras I've always found my SOUTH PARK one to be a reasonable likeness, somehow!
Amazy keeps trying to get down the toilet, when I foget to put the lid down. Some cats will do that, others aren't interested. I was lucky with Wotan, who was a 'not interested' . Now I have to remind myself all the time; 'Lid down!' Bah.
I quite liked the Van Gogh DOCTOR WHO last night, especially the cheesy but nice VincentVision moments.

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