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Wotta World...

Had a nice visit to the dentist this morning; the usual filling that drops out every couple of months.
The shower-fixing man's supposed to come tomorrow.
I still can't get the scanner working. Agony, rage, despair...
And what's HAPPENING in the world? Latest gun  massacre news so weird it's almost funny. Ths mild-mannered elderly (?) bloke was relating on the radio how he was on his way to a doctor's appointment, and saw someone lying on the pavement, which struck him as peculiar...Then he walked round the corner and someone else was lying in the road with a sheet over him, so he began to wonder what was going on...

Ah well, best stick to fantasy violence. It's hinted on EASTENDERS that one of the dreary new batch of teens may have been killed by Fatboy's van, in the course of a WITHNAIL-style country excursion. We can but hope.
LUTHER continues to get ever more OTT and absurd. Almost a shame there's only one more episode.
Luther's twitchy bent colleague inadvertantly caused some particularly nasty killings (Ew!), while trying to pull a big diamond scam. Then he shot Luther's tedious ex, in a moment of hyperanxiety.
An original touch: Upon finding his missus dead on the floor, Luther did not wail 'NOOOOO!'. It was actually more of a 'GAAAAA!'
Oh yes, Luther broke an office window in an outburst of manly wrath.
Now, of course, he'll be suspected of killing his wife, and must go On The Run...

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