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Grizzle...I've been to LIDL where I got a special old persons' broom and pan set. I also nicked a bunch of those little fruit & veg bags, to put cat turds in. My back is outstandingly owie, this morning. The bathroom is still pretty wet, and the crap lino in the hall goes all streaky when it dries. Lots of cat litter kicked on the floor, etc. etc. Having her shitbox moved out of the wet  has got Amazy all frazzled.
Sooo tired...
Hope I  can get a contractor to come out tomorrow. I had a long futile conversaton with the guy at Lambeth. I knew there was no chance of anyone coming today, but wanted to get my report in early for tomorrow. Mr Lambeth and I had great difficulty understanding each other. (Is it racist to wish that people would speak clear, coherent English?) I got a job reference number, anyway. 
Sooo very tired 
Will probably spend the afternoon poisoning myself with diet coke, and watching movies.

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