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Hot Damn!

Amazy continues to moult furiously, and I'm sneezing, wheezing, itching and erupting.

The fecking scanner's conked out again. I can't bear it.  Why, why, why???!   etc.
(Incidentally, in this week's loopy LUTHER, the hero killed a printer in a moment of  tormented frustration due to a killer stiking again. Every week  Luther demolishes a door, puts his monumental fist through a window, or similar, and the witnesses barely turn a hair. Well, they're used to his little ways, I guess..(Nipping off for a coffee and philosophical chat with the mad-but-briliant murderess generally sets him right)

Prospects of 'big society' horrors ahead for us benefit spongers are scaring me, as usual.  Don't wanna have a 'tough new test'  to determine if I 'm still DLA-worthy. Whimper... Thank the gods I'm too ancient to be 'helped back to work ' -I think.
I'm probably 'safe' in any event, but it always frightens and enrages me that governments spend so much money on these punitive and ineffectual drives to cut benefits, even as they pour money down various drains. Even allowing for actual scroungers, the amounts spent on benefits are miniscule in comparison. Oh yeah, and where are all these jobs that claimants are supposedly dodging?

My joints are giving me big owies.

The lift's broken again.


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