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Obsessing About Obsession...

What is it that triggers 'erotomania'-type fixations on people you may never have met? Does everyone get them, or do you have to be a personality-disorder type? I always thought they'd go away as I got older, but they seem to be stronger than ever. Don't think they can be put down to sexual frustration, either, as I've been a position in past years where I sometimes had two or more 'partners' on the go,in RL, yet always had an erotic/romantic fixation going concurrently, with far-away actors I'd never met, or some guy at the theatre, etc. What makes you fixate on a person you don't know ? You may say it's just good looks, but I focus on various types, some of them initially not to my taste at all. These go on for years and years, sometimes varying in intensity, but always there...There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of literature on this topic.
Heyy, I'm now running Photoshop 6 on my home pc, thanks to the great charity and thoughtfulness of a gentleman I won't name, in case some Law-type person might be reading this, waiting to chuck abusers of copyright into the Psycho Cubes, but his reputation is kinda Sleazy. May the gods reward him!
EASTENDERS Spoiler Dept. According to good old
barking ,'baby-hungry' Laura is soon to find herself pregnant, despite Squeal's secret vasectomy, due to an affair with GARY...(Jesus, Mary & Joseph, what's it gonna look like?) Wotsername Slater, Gary's missus, supposedly collapses when she finds out, and loses the kid she didn't realise she was carrying.
Child of the Damned Stephen, will of course, be exposed any day, now, I reckon, as the Walford Poison Pen Writer.

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