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Topnotch TOSCA

Catherine Malfitano's new production at ENO, looks terrifically romantic, with gorgeous sets by Frank Philipp Schlossmann.
The orchestra was on cracking form under Edward Gardner, and  the singing was pretty thrilling all round. Amanda Echalaz is just impossibly glamorous, sang beautifully, although she marked most of the third act, and did a damn impressive backflip death fall. The tenor Julian Gavin actually cut a believable gallant young lover figure, and has a beautiful fresh-sounding voice. Anthony Michaels-Moore gave a delightfully slimy Scarpia, with a touch of Tony Blair. Great OTT fun.
AmazyMaisy is quite a needy critter, desperate for affection, and really needs to stop wrapping herself around my neck. I'm sure she'll settle in fiine, though. She's already improved since yesterday. I may invest in one of those plug-in cat tranquilsing gadgets to see if it helps her.
The place is a tip already, and I'm not enjoying reacquainting myself with the joys of litterbox maintenace. Eh bien...

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