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Oh, What To Do...?

This is Maisie the cat. She's had a rough life,shunted from one home to another. She's currently with H, but their border collie has already had a go at her, and it's not safe for her to stay there much longer.
Now, I'd been longing for a new cat companion, but I had preferences:
  1. Age 1-3ish
  2. Colour: tuxedo, all-black, or ginger
  3. Sex: Male
Maisie is:
  1. 'At least six' !
  2. Largely white, with tabby patches
  3. Female
I seem to be the last resort before the cat shelter, and at her age, it's not all that likely anyone else will want her, either. I'm a bit narked that H is taking advantage of my soppiness when it comes to critters, especially cats. It's not a convenient time, either, as I'm still waiting for the op....and yet. I have been appealing to the powers that be for a sign, Haven't I?
Oh bugger, she's even got a rubbish name.
Officially, I'm still thinking it over, but I know full well I'm a suckahhh.

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