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I have just suffered the horror (and believe me, it's excruciating...) of a 3-hour MORI discussion group about maintenance of the streets of Lambeth, in the over-heated Brixton Town Hall, with a lot of smelly people...AND...for this agony,I got the ecstasy of 50 QUID!!! Plus they pay your fares, and this time, decent sarnies, etc. were provided; a free meal. Hot damn! That's like an extra week's 'living' money, more than making up for my comic-crazed folly last week. Oh, it feels good, now that it's finally over...I must say, though, I find being in the company of my fellow humans for any length of time so draining as to be unbearable. (Talking about en masse,here...) I seem to be getting worse. I'm a cranky ol' Steppenwolf, all right.

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