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Can't  find what's left of my stash of Blue Line coomic book boards from the US, which is most annoying. They've gotta be around somewhere...
Watched a very charming,melancholy film by Agnes Varda, JACQUOT DE NANTES, made when her fellow-filmmaker husband Jacques Demy was dying of AIDS, telling the story of his childhood and adolescence. Really lovely, and quite moving.
Just saw Gordon Brown suddenly igniting into life, on TV, a bit late, I fear. What a feckin' shame...
I certainly hope they don't drag HEROES back for a fifth season. It's hard to believe, now, that I  found the first series so entertaining.
The whole oil slick catastrophe is so horrendous that it seems frivolous to idly blog about it. Considering the horrific implications for so many people and critters, it actually isn't getting all that much  media coverage, though.


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