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My Morning Moan

Huh, this nanowrimo thing looks kinda cool, in a maniacally masochistic sort of way. At the same time, I'm kind of glad I've discovered it too late! Maybe next time...
I'm still, of course, shattered after yesterday's marathon dodging, crashing & burning session. I'm NO GOOD AT ANY OF IT, but I'm dogged...Took 2 hours to get home, thanks to the roadworks, the Lord Mayor, and yet more frelling fireworks! (noisiest year ever; grumble...). The bus driver appeared to have gone mad, and kept shouting and laughing loudly to himself, "I'm ONE AND A HALF HOURS LATE! AhhhhHahahaha...",etc. After a chat on his radio thingie, he announced that yes, this bus would be terminating not at Wandsworth, but Lansdowne way, where we could all stand for another 20 minutes; lots of tubercular coughing, dropping of crutches, people blowing smoke in each other's faces, acting mad, being very smelly, etc.etc...
A few years ago, I could have just walked home, but it's too durn painful, now. Ageing really does suck rather massively, and even attempts to become fitter seem to have no result as you get older. In days of yore, if I managed to lose some weight, or took a lot of regular exercise, I'd feel the benefit. Not no more...(beats gums together disconsolately...)

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