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I was crawling arounf TK Maxx at Clapham Junction, just to get out of the bloody  flat. My back and legs were really shrieking, despite painkillers. but I was tempted by several rather pleasing tchotchkes. They were cheap. One was a  hefty paisley-patterned apple paperweight, another was a camoflage pig. There were pigs in many patterns, for £2.00 each. I just don't have room for more stuff, though, unless it's  'special' in some way. I've thrown/given away so many sacks of  bits & pieces, I don't want to take on more. Kinda sad, though. I remember an ex's old mother, when asked why she didn't replace her crumbling setee, saying 'Oh, it'll see me out...'

Poor old Gordon Brown has gaffed again. Haven't seen  the actual Mrs. Duffy moment yet. You have to feel sorry for the guy. I had hopes when he took over that he'd be a proper Labour person, after the oily  Thatcherite warmongering of Blair, but  he's been pretty useless, all right. Still, I find him much more 'human' than the other leaders, and feel more pity than schadenfreude when he cocks up.


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