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Another Day Of Bitter Struggle...

Just couldn't force myself outdoors, but I managed to do housework, and watch two crap rented DVDs that had been lying around for nearly a week, without falling asleep. THE INFORMERS, adapted from some Brett Easton Ellis stories, had obviously been messed about with and cut to incomprehensibility.  Lots of big names in the cast, but just boring crap about California sybarites in the 80's, all told.
I haven't read any of the TWILIGHT books, or seen the first film, but curiosity drove me to check out NEW MOON. It wasn't quite as lame as I expected. It's a good-looking film, and the CGI was passable, if not topnotch. Pretty Vampire Boy and Beefcake AmerIndian Werewolf Boy took their shirts off a lot. which no doubt met with the approval of the 13-year old hormone furnaces the film is aimed at. The heroine was wet and weedy beyond description, and it would have been better with 20 minutes or so of soppy bollocks trimmed off. Still, it made no pretence at being Art, and for kid stuff, I suppose it was OK-ish.

Much to my surprise I also  got a few frames done of this two-pager about Nureyev that I started and left lying about, a year or so ago.

Got some information about a free course in dealing with pain and chronic fatigue, that's starting in Vauxhall soon. I might be too late for the first  one, but I'm definitely gonna get on the list. Must. Keep. Trying, etc. Fuck knows why, but at heart, I still want to.


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