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General Weediness, Signs, Wonders, etc.

Had a gloomy weekend despite/because of 'beautiful' weather. I'm so uninspired that I've resorted to my tendency to doodle along with DVDs. I got three pages out of UNDER SATAN'S SUN... WTF was that all about, anyway? I can't imagine what people who weren't raised Catholic would make of it . I certainly found it largely incomprehensible. That said, I keep thinking about it, and have a vague notion to read the book. Anyway, looking at Mr Depardieu in his hunky prime is always a pleasure.
Bought cat litter for R Next Door. I still (nearly 3 years-) feel a pang of bereavement when I have to go to the pet food aisle. I fucking need cat company badly.
My sister near the NY/Canada border has been marvelling at extremely weird weather conditions over recent weeks; heatwave days in the 80's alternating with sharp returns to full winter conditions. They're also getting visible sprinklings of sparkly dust, which she assumes is volcanic ash. They're wondering if the growing season will be affected. 


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