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Passive Aggressive Mumbles...

R Next Door gave me a big list of supermarket shit to get. I didn't really intend to go this week, if I could help it. I always feel I have to, though, even when she insists it's not important, but- She's using a crutch herself these days (All that running upstairs, i wouldn't be surprised...) but she does have a car. She also 'made me' open a fiddly online account at bloody Tesco to order some stoopid 'body' with a leopard face on it. She has a PC, but can't get at it because her flat is so full of shit, and anyway, she doesn't want to pay for the internet... I got so peeved that I took it out on myself by eating half a pack of cashew nuts, and will probably be up all night. Gibber.
I killed some time watching COCO BEFORE CHANEL. It was OK, I guess; not really my kinda thing.

More bits of Barcelona doodle diary:


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