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My Feet Still Hurt...

It actually feels pretty chilly. and it's WINDY out there. I'm still slowly recovering from my pilgrimage. (I splurged on a statue of the black Madonna,BTW-)
I'm very annoyed with myself that I didn't also buy the keyring that was a metal dick with red-painted knob, and jingle bell balls, that I saw on a naff souvenir stall. It was only a couple of Euros. Damn... I assume it was a copy of  something from the Museum of Erotica, which we didn't get to. Apart from being so weary that we couldn't really get into serious perusal of artwork, it just was not museum weather at all, and we didn't go to ANY.
The old Cathedral was very impressive, though, although not quite as fab as St Maria del Mar, IMO.

While we were there, a poor woman about our age, suddenly went rolling down the steps to the Crypt  occupied by local star St Eulalia. She was fortunately soon caught by her husband and another couple they were with, but it was 'orrible. We didn't even try, after that.
St Eulalia herself was a virgin martyr who endured a  truly spectacular selection of torments before being decapitated. Wotta showoff.

Although we did a lot of gaping at the Sagrida Familia from various angles, we didn't go inside there, either, as the queues were snaking right around the block. We also didn't know what the stair situation was gonna be inside, although we were told that there were ramps. I gathered that the main attraction was going up in the lift to the tippytop  tower, which would probably set off my phobia, and H wasn't interested , anyway.
Actually, for a good view over the city, the top floor cafe in the huge department store Corte d'Inglese is pretty  cool. Like most places there, it's not cheap, but not extortionate, either, and if you just get a drink and/or snacky thing, it's well worth it.

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