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Went And Did It...

I bought EPILEPTIC, which I really, really REALLY could not afford, no way...I'd deluded myself that it was £9,which I couldn't afford either, but it's actually £19 (!!!) AND they forgot to give me my 'creator's' discount at GOSH. Arse! Still, it is now mine, mine, mine...
I figured I'd better invest in a pukka bus pass, this morning. Good move, it transpired-
No doubt inflamed by my shiny bowling ball head, a moody Chinese driver ("YOU! You Wait!") demanded a good lonnnng look at my pass. He was even more pissed off when he saw it was valid. Har! I win,ya cunt.
I just don't understand all this stuff about how the bus service has supposedly improved, recently. Is it just me who always ends up waiting 45 minutes, usually in the rain, kept company by at least one care-in-the-community case dancing, wanking, and speaking in tongues the whole time ? When the bloody bus finally comes, it's nearly always one that only goes halfway to where I'm going...Another long wait...
That Internet Cafe accross the street from me was open for about two days,and now seems to be shut down. That's the parade where the Post Office and launderette used to be.There's also a SPAR 'supermarket', which for ages has had virtually no stock, I mean nothing but sweets,crisps, soft drinks and booze. It's weird down Wandsworth Road...

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