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Hospital Grump...

Had to go to the Leg Clinic, and as usual, at reception, with several people standing right there, was asked to confirm my address and phone number, not to mention my marital satus and religion! Dunno if I'm just a silly old woman about it, but I find this a bit embarrassing, and like it could be potentially dangerous, surely?...Not to mention the fact that they have all the information in front of them, anyway.
Then, while waiting, I was directly opposite a guy lying on the couch awaiting his bandaging. They've taken to leaving the treatment room doors open. Now, I find it grim enough looking at my own fucked up leg, much less anybody else's. Later, I asked the nurse if I could close the door of 'my' room, and got  'What for, Dear?...Ohhh you no want the men to see...?'  According to her, most patients ask to have the door open because the little rooms have no windows, and it gets stuffy. I've been there quite a few times, and this was new to me.
THEN the nurse insisted there was no way any tubigrip could fit MY leg. I told her they use them all time. So she made a great to-do about seeking out the most gigantic one evah. I told her that was going to be way too big, but she insisted on cutting it anyway, and of course, it just dropped off, so she crabbily got the size I'd asked for in the first place, which was just fine. Grunt.

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