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Wow! My Terrible Ol' Trash Lives!*/
Followed Cleanskies' link to this archive and there's all my original CRAZYCRONE pages, babbling and moaning on back to 1999! Cool-well, to me,anyway. The more recent TalkCity URL is still gorn, though.
It's a vile day, really, even for a lover of gloom like me. I don't like getting wet & clammy, much.
I really need to find a cheap,competent haircutting person. That Jamaican dive I go to is really pretty low. This time, I just said 'very short, OK?', as the barber said he'd remembered me from last time. (Once seen never forgotten...Don't suppose they get many huge white women of a certain age, in there-) Anyhow, I always hate looking in the mirror, so when I peered up to see how things were progressing, it was just in time to see the entire follicle foliage from the top of my head go sliding off onto the floor. I could only stare openmouthed. I'm sporting a fucking Number One here. I mean Two is pretty brutal, but I don't really mind, it grows quickly. This is just that bit too far, ya know. In my stunned idiocy, I even tipped the guy a pound, as usual. Maybe that's why he did it. I don't tip big...(If I could afford to fucking tip at all, I wouldn't get my hair cut in a scummy shithole like that, where the barber watches cricket while he butchers you, and drunken old ethnics are rudely over-familiar.) Oh Jesus Christ, I look so very. very bad. Ah, fuck it...nobody looks at me except to make mock, anyway... Yet I wobble weeblewise in impotent rage.

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