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Day Of Bummeration...


I am greatly peeved because the time of our Barcelona flight has been changed from a civilised 13.30 to fecking 7 AM, meaning being at the airport at 5, etc. etc.  Fuck my old boot!
We've decided to blow another £40 (too late to bag a 'saver'...) and stop over with Lenny Henry at the Travelodge, so we can 'sleep in' until 3 or so. Ungh. Also, SNOW in Barcelona. Jeez Louise...
I had to turn the heat on this afternoon 'cos I was really quite cold, and deserved a 'treat' after my dental activities this morning.
I got off easy last time, but had some interesting pain experiences today. 'Ohhh, you still have a little bit of nerve left there'...'Now this bit is difficult'...etc. Bastard. Anyway, I now have a funny looking temporary crown for the next two weeks... 'It will be very hard to match, because the colour of your teeth is not normal...' Snivel.

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