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Out of Sight Out of Mind...

Have that feeling that I'm persona non grata at my ex-place of employment, which is a bummer, as all I've ever had to offer to keep people sweet, repay favours, etc. has always been free tickets. It becomes harder and harder, just degrading to wheedle them, especially as there's hardly anyone left there who remembers me, (in any sort of positive-ish light, anyway-)nowadays.
...Massive bulk shudders with a great earthtremory sigh of self-pity...Bah. The Quorn sausages are nearly gone. I'm bloody hungry.
Hey, isn't SEXY BEAST a cool film? Really enjoyed that. I read somewhere that Ben Kingsley based his character on his grandmother, of whom he was, unsurprisingly, terrified. Actually, 'he' reminded me a lot of my mum!
Saw a highly favourable review of GIRLY COMIC here, which I'd previously missed, saying really nice stuff about MOI. Chuffing! Must get something nice together for GIRLY 2. I'm pleased it's been so successful. We need sooo much more of that sort of thing.
Still trying to smudge, blur, etc, with truly colossal ineptitude. Arse!
Quite an ultraspectacular SciFi FARSCAPE on Sunday. A real FX-fest, providing a worthy exit(?) for (Nooooooo!!!) Crais and Talyn. Of course, nobody's ever dead for certain in the wormhole world... I am getting extremely mixed up between the two series running concurrently on different stations, but can't resist watching both.I've tried...I think I'm developing a crush on Rygel, actually. It has become very difficult for me to accept that he and Pilot aren't sentient beings, which although a tribute to their amazing subtlety of expression, is rather worrying, I suppose. Shit, though, one more weird fixation is hardly gonna hurt me...

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