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The Whole Root...

I went in as an 'emergency patient', (meaning they only have to see you for five minutes), to the devil dentist, and he gave me root canal on the spot. He always says how lucky I am, and this time it was because he's the 'only one' who still does crowns on the NHS. I find that hard to believe, but rigid with terror, I just let him get on with it. I have to admit, there was very little discomfort. Root canal has certainly changed since the last time I had it, thank the gods. I have to go back Wednesday for the impressions, etc, and then wait two weeks or so for the proper crown. At the moment, I just have a little mini-vampire fang, which certainly doesn't look any worse than the three raggedy strips that were dangling there.
I had a haircut as well, and tried to explain to the guy that I wanted a bit more left on top, but ended up with the usual Curly of the Three Stooges look. R Next Door will shriek if she sees me...
The nearby bus stops are still shut, and there doesn't seem to have been any actual work done in the road for at least two weeks. Tedious in the extreme...

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