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Sad (Dead People), Mad (Teeth)...

Heard that an old friend's beloved dad has died. It was expected, but still devastating for her. It's weird and horrid enough losing parents you never were able to get on with. When there was real love there, it must be horrific...
I was also saddened to see that the fine tenor Phillip Langridge died at only 70. He was a wonderful artist, a real singing actor , who was especially impressive as Peter Grimes and Captain Vere. He also seemed to be an extremely nice man; always very polite and friendly to us 'underling' types without being in the least patronising, which was always a real treat. RIP
The last filling my creepy dentist replaced, has dropped out, leaving a hideous little snaggle of a 'tooth' right in front. It didn't feel or look right from the start.  God, I'm so sick of going to the bloody dentist all the time, and so scared of losing more teeth. I suppose dentures would look better than the few cracked, yellow fangs I have left, but I find the idea faint-makingly sickening and depressing...

I watched the terrific DISTRICT NINE, which was very good indeed; original,suspenseful, funny and sad. Best SF I've seen in some time.


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