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AntiChrist, etc...

As usual, with films that are over-hyped, the supposedly devastatingly vile ANTICHRIST is a bit of a letdown. Being a Von Trier film, there's some interesting stuff in it, and it looks fantastic, but I found it uninvolving and slow, slow, slow (well it is dedicated to Tarkovsky-)
The director, as he admits was not on top form due to a bad bout of depression, but kudos to the cameraman, effects people and the actors, who were obviously put through the wringer. (Ms Gainsbourg, btw, would make a great Patti Smith-)
Even the much-touted gruesomeness and sexual violence wasn't all that shocking. I mean, it was wince-making for sure, but I've seen worse, especially in the hair-raising MARTRYS. Although it deals with misogyny, I personally didn't find it misogynistic in itself.
An intriguing failure, IMO, but I wouldn't mind seeing it again, sometime. I think I watched it too close to the terrific QUEEN OF SPADES, which I found considerably more disturbing, to be fair.
I do hope we're not going to be subjected to another doggy death on Albert Square, after all the mayhem of recent days. Jekyll and Hyde preacherman Lucas has discovered that pooch Sugar is still intent on digging up the remains of Owen, who is festering under the tree planted in memory of Lucas' skanky ex, who expired when he shoved her onto a rake ,( which was accidental, but then he let her die...)
Oh,and here's a Boosh-inspired doodle of the day:  

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