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Grey, Grey, Grey...

...But I didn't get rained on much. All the bus stops are still closed, dammit...Went to St Thomas' to collect my new surgical stockings. Whee.They're even more oldlady-looking than the last ones. You can't get black and white any more, either, just the dreary approximation of Caucasian flesh tone.
There was a helicopter coming down nearby. I don't think it was an air ambulance, but don't know what was going on. I stood gaping for about ten minutes before I had to go into the hospital, and missed the denoument, whatever that was.
ANTICHRIST arrived from LoveFilm. Don't know if I'll scare myself tonight or 'save it' until tomorrow.
Went to LIDL, hoping they'd have those little binoculars that were advertised, but if my branch had them, they're gone now. Bum.

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