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What with all the roadworks  ('Replacing London's Victorian Water Mains') closing off the local bus stops, and snarling traffic on Wandsworth Road, plus all the bridges being screwed up (or totally closed!),  getting around is harder than it's been in some time. Tiresome...

I'm slowly getting acquainted with TouchSmart, but still too scared to dabble much with unfamiliar things. God, it's so gorgeous!

Did anyone make it to the Small Press thing at Euston?

Still no news on my operation date. I've been thinking of booking for a short trip to Barcelona at the end of March...Dunno if I should.

Just watched a documentary about actor Sue Johnston who always vaguely annoys me, possibly because she looks a bit like my mother-visiting the Himalayas in search of the spirit of Shangri-La, which has always appealed to her.( Nice work if you can get it.) There were far too many shots of her gazing thoughtfully into the distance, but I do like travel programmes, and this one had some cool shamen leaping about.

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