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"A Terrible Duel, So Violent And Cruel..."

Went along (complete with lingering cough...) to the Coli yesterday for the LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR dress rehearsal. It's not a favourite of mine, or an opera I know all that well, although I saw it on stage a couple of times in my youth. It was another engagingly loopy ENO production, though; David Alden emphasised all the complete mentalness of the libretto, and you could really appreciate how it must have been a huge inspiration for RUDDIGORE. The frenzied exchanges, along 'Oh vile intruder!' lines seemed particularly hillarious as they scrolled out in surtitles. along the proscenium. Lovely singing, especially from tenor Barry Banks. I've always thought he could have been a really major star, if he'd looked less like a munchkin. Life is cruel.
H and I bagged a box and all, so it was a very jolly afternoon, followed by a slap-up feed at The Big Fat Panda's splendid buffet. Yeh!
I've lost my filling again. God DAMN!
I managed to do a 24-hour strip yesterday. I must get it together so that I can post comix online...

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