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Wailing In Walford...

It's been a particularly frenzied week on EASTENDERS. Archie's funeral was the usual plumed horses and mutes affair, with Roxy looking particularly striking in a jaunty black porkpie hat, her breasts soaring outside her jacket...and she was the grief-stricken one.
Pat has nearly died twice, but she's pacemakered up, now, and even in extremis she kept her precision-drawn black eyebrows.
A new Mitchell. a rather fit young man has arrived to replace his slain and previously unknown dad, and devil girl Janine is showing worrying signs of the dreaded full personality change. Hmmmm, maybe.
The CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER  battle is now down to Alex and Dane. Alex genuinely does seem to be a sweet doofus; hope his liason with Jordan doesn't ruin him. Thank the gods it;s all but over, anyway, so I won't be compelled to watch it any more.
Still bloody coughing and wheezing, but maybe a bit better. Hey Ho.
Re: Tony Blair's smug foulness, well, what can one say?... Disgustipatin'.


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