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I'm got that horrible sticky cough thing again, and another hospital appointment tomorrow. Conflicted about cancelling, I really want to get it over with, and I've already put it off 'cos I was sickly last time. Oy...
Last week's fillums included the new STAR TREK, which was very good fun, and DORIAN GRAY, which was slightly better than I expected, thanks largely to the lovely Colin Firth. It's weird, though. although  the CGI etc. was fairly lame and unimaginative, I still got a bit creeped out. Something about that story has always made me uneasy. I remember mentioning to my mother, as a teenager, that it seemed strange that I'd enjoyed all the horrors that other kids weren't allowed to see with no problem, yet was still unable to sit through the old  DORIAN GRAY film with Hurd Hatfield, without closing my eyes, when I knew 'it' was about to appear. She suggested in her delightful way that I was probably afraid that was what my soul looked like. Maybe she was right; I dunno, it's just odd. I never made it through that film until I was a grown woman. Only the dreaded Man With the White Eyes from NOT OF THIS EARTH ever affected me like that.
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