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Pissed orf; went for a shower at 8:20 only to find the contractors had switched off the water for the day already.  This includes bathroom taps and toilet, so I had to wash in the frickin' kitchen sink.
i  have a hospital appointment this afternoon, too (legs today-) and am paranoid about having frowsy old woman smell.
My sister and her husband now seem to have a choice between losing their house, or giving up what health insurance they have! America, America. How lucky I was to escape.
Sisqo and Stevie B got evicted from CBB Friday, leaving, of course, the less entertaining Ivana. At this point, I'm rooting for Stephanie, although the winnah might well be Dane Who... Poor 'Rocky'/Alex has a remarkable set of spots on his back (We got a scary closeup of Nicola T popping them for him!) Steroid abuse?

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