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Bloody Birthdays...

I've neer been a fan. I remember creeping off on my 21st to have a little blub because I considered myself an over-the-hill failure!
It's nice that so many people were kind enough to  remember, though. even R Next Door! Thanks, guys.
My exotic actiivities for the day included queueing for centuries in the post office, to apply for my new bus pass. Had to have new photos for it, too. I look like Dorian Gray after about fifty murders and endless unspeakable debaucheries. (More about him later...)
Then I got some photocopying done, and did the laundry. Go me.
On EASTENDERS Pat seems to have had a heart attack. Oh dear. I hope they're not getting rid of her, too. If she doesn't peg out, she's evidently off to Australia to live with Wicksy and family. Ian Beale is still banged up on suspicion of killing Archie, and Roxie, new mistress of the Vic, is going power mad. What about the lethal Queen Victoria bust,btw? Surely it must be replaced.
I felt rather upset last week, actually, when the Mitchell sisters' bolting mum, who hadn't been heard from in years, until she returned for the reading of Archie's will, brokenly confessed that she lived not in France with lots of rich lovers and posh frocks, but in a  '...A council flat in  <choke> SOUTH LONDON!'  I've always considered myself lucky to have bagged a council flat. Normal people really seem to think it's about the worst possible dwelling, though, apart from on the street...And South London...well, I've always reckoned it has a spooky charm. It ain't pretty, but  it's got a certain soul.
Ohh, time for CBB evictions...

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