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I feel weird. My asthma was bothering me last night, and today I've been tormented by gastric horrors.
I had to have my eyes tested, and I've got cataracts now. Fortunately they're just starting, so I shouldn't have to have an op for a while. No sign of macular degeneration yet, thank the gods.
I felt sorry for the poor woman testing me, as my stomach was burbling furiously all the time, really echoey.I was killing myself trying to hold the gas in, too. Yuck. I need new lenses, and it's incredibly dear, even as an OAP with an HC2. I certainly can't afford a spare pair, so I have to bumble around like Mr Magoo, now until they're ready.
I'd go to bed, actually, but I'm afraid to go that far from the bog. Is this a variation on 'winter vomiting virus'? Bleh.

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