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Went to PC World, as I had decided to invest in an Acer Aspire Z5600, an all-in-one, all mod cons-with giant screen PC. They don't have them any more. Typical. It's taken me months to get geared up for it, and now I'm thwarted.
There was a rather nasty incident on the bus. A woman got on and opened the windiow, although there was no heat on. (They save that for warm weather-) This wizened weirdo in the back started yelling for her to close it, she said she was entitled to breathe, and he got really fierce; lots of racist abuse, and stuff about her having to open a window to air out her reeking punami, etc.( Some of it was quite funny, actually. in a nasty way) . I certainly wasn;t going to pipe up. The last time I tried that, I got an earful  of badness plus  scary threatening gestures from the abusive guy..
In the end, the old git disembarked, but not before slamming the window shut. I thought there was going to be a struggle, and I did get up and start to waddle in, at that point, but thank the gods he just carried on off the bus, still yelling about how this was not the jungle, and all; coulda fooled me.
R Next Door rang the bell at a crucial moment of EASTENDERS angst, to have hysterics about contractors drilling, and how they're putting up another bloody scaffold to work on the gas pipes. It is very tiresome, but wailing about it isn't going to help. Especially while I'm trying to keep up with events on The Square...

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