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Not as cold today, and most of the snow is gone. It's still a bit slippy though, if you don't watch out.
R Next Door is still hibernating, as she's afraid of car crashes. She's not doing her dog walking, so she runs up and down fifteen flights several times a day (!!!), "Or else I would explode""

I've never been a particular fan of Kenneth Branagh, but I have to say his TV portayal of Wallander is tremendous. He makes me wanna cry.( He looks so rough; I can really identify) Unusually, I find the English version almost as good as the original. The  character of Linda has become a rather lame and pointless peripheral figure, but David Warner's wonderful demented Dad (who also makes me fill up-) more than makes up for it.

BEING HUMAN  is back, and still good. It's curious how mega-hot Aidan Turner looks as Mitchell, when he appeared quite dorky in DESPERATE ROMANTICS. Don't understand it, really.

Oh Gods, there's another obesity timebomb programme coming on, GENERATION XXL. I guess I have to watch it to get in my masochism quota for the day...

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